Colin from Firefly Media is a professional drone pilot who understands the importance of safety when it comes to aerial filming. Before any drone flight, Colin conducts a pre-visit survey to check for airspace and possible risks in the area.

During the pre-visit survey, Colin examines the area for any potential hazards such as power lines, tall buildings, or any other obstacles that could pose a risk to the drone's flight. He also checks for any restrictions on drone flying in the area, such as no-fly zones or airspace restrictions. By doing this, Colin can ensure that the drone flight will be safe and legal.

On the day of the drone flight, Colin was professional and diligent in his approach. He ensured that all necessary safety measures were in place, such as keeping a safe distance from people and property, and making sure that the drone was in good working condition.

Throughout the day of filming, safety was always at the forefront of Colin's mind. He was constantly assessing the situation and making adjustments as necessary to ensure that the drone was flying safely and within the legal limits.

One incident that stands out was when a member of the public unexpectedly entered the area where the drone was flying. Colin quickly reacted, bringing the drone down to a safe height and distance from the person. He then approached the individual and informed them of the drone flight, ensuring that they were aware of the potential risks and that they were safe.

By planning ahead and being prepared for potential risks, Colin was able to avert an incident with a member of the public. His professionalism and attention to safety ensured that the drone flight was not only successful but also safe for everyone involved.

In summary, Colin's pre-visit survey and safety preparations, combined with his attention to safety during the day of filming, demonstrate his commitment to ensuring that his drone flights are conducted safely and within the legal limits. His planning and quick thinking averted a potential incident and ensured that everyone involved remained safe.


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